My 100th Post!!!

I've finally reached 100! And thanks to everyone for joining me for my blogging journey! So today, I have lots to cram in. Over at Kelly's Corner today's theme is Show Us Your Wedding Dress! Soooooo....here's a couple of pictures of mine:

Now on to something new. I wanted to share a little about me! You should blog a little about you too!
So here it goes:

Random Things About ME

*I am turning 26 in September.
*I will have been married 5 years in November. What a journey it's been!
*I hate vegetables. I really want to like them, but they make me gag.
*I am a starchatarian - my own diagnosis. I only like starches!
*I hate fakeness!
*I have horrible allergies and swell up like a blow fish when I mow grass.
*I am allergic to cats, yet I have always had one.
*I can't dance, but I really, really, really want to learn.
*One of my dreams was to dance to "Sway" by Dean Martin at our wedding. Instead we had no dancing! ;)
*My biggest fear is my house catching on fire while I'm in the shower and having to run outside naked.
*I am currently still in school trying to finish my degree in Middle Grades Education. However, my passion and dream in life is to make photography a full time job.
*My school mascot is an owl. We used to be called the Hooters. You can see why they changed it to Fighting Owls.
*I have never been to a college football game. Actually I've never been to a NFL game either. Hmm..got to get on that.
*My dream vacation would be a tour of Europe. I just can't get enough of it!
*I hate conflicts!
*I love the smell of fresh cut grass!
*I'm related to Jesse James - the bank robber!

I guess that's enough for now.

Happy Friday everyone!!!! Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I hopped over from Kelly's, and I'm glad I did! I read several of your posts and I just love your spirit. Thanks for sharing your wedding dress... so beautiful.

  2. Pretty dress! Love your pics!

  3. Love your dress, you simply glowed in the picture :)

    ps. I'm trying my best to like veggies too :(