Goodbye My Little Girl

So today was an extremely traumatic day for Chris and I. Our kitty baby Gracie had a heart attack and died today. It all happened very suddenly.
See we have a routine every morning where she gets in the bed with me and loves on me when the alarm goes off. She did that today. She loved on Chris this morning. And then while we were getting ready, she laid down and died in the living room. As we were leaving this morning I found her. It was terrible!!!!

Did you know they have animal ambulances? Well we found that today. The kitty ambulance came and took her to get cremated. We're meeting the guy tonight to pick up her ashes.

This is especially hard because there was no warning and she was our first kitty as a married couple. She was my baby. I was literally the only person she loved.

So yes, this was a very sad day. Now we have to get used to her not being there.
Definitely not looking forward to going home tonight.


  1. Im so so so so sorry. I was so sad this morning when you told me. Im sad again now after reading this. I cant believe there was no warning. Are you guys ok?

  2. So sad. At least it sounds like she went fast and painless!