What A Weekend!

Wow! I am exhausted!!!
So as I mentioned in my last post, Heather and I went downtown to take a few photos. Then I came home, cleaned, and had our first dinner party at our new apartment! It was soo much fun! Well Chris and I didn't make it to bed until around 2am. Now for those of you who know me, my bedtime is 10:30 at the very latest! I can't help it! I've always been the one to fall asleep first! :)

Well for the 4th, we headed up to Lake Blue Ridge in the mountains to spend the day at the lake with Chris's parents, siblings, aunt, uncle, and cousins. Soooo much fun! And a BEAUTIFUL view. Now I was the stupid one who forgot the camera! Ugh!

I joined the kids in jumping off the 20ft high deck into the lake. What a rush!!! AND the fireworks were awesome! And yes, it too was another late night with us not getting home until 1am.
Maddie and Nate spent the night with us and Nate hates our cats. We had locked them up and somehow they got out. So Nate, in the next room, calls Chris at 5am to tell us that the cats are staring at him!!! So Chris got up and created this elaborate system to keep the door shut. It was so funny! And of course we had to be up by 6:30 for church.

Oh yes, and the fun continues. So last night we were having dinner with Josh, Joannie, Bill and Tiffany when Josh (our pastor)got a phone call that one of our church members had passed away. This is a really big deal because it's the first death in our church which is only about 10 months old. Bob was such an amazing man and I am so sad that I didn't have the opportunity to spend more time with him! His happy face on Sunday mornings holding the door open was enough to melt even the hardest heart! I know that right now, he's the lucky one! I feel so bad for his wife and kids. Although Bob was 80, it is still NEVER easy to lose someone. I think it's hard too because he reminded me so much of my granddaddy. Mr. Bob, you will be greatly missed!

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  1. May Bob rest in peace, it's always hard when someone so nice just died and left all who love him.

    ps/ jumping to the lake sounds fun btw :)