Let The Games Begin

Well hello again blogworld!!! So sorry I haven't posted lately! I just got back on Saturday from a week at the beach! It was so weird to not have a schedule! Took a little adjusting to be able to do nothing! But it was definitely fabulous and much needed! Today school starts back for me. I work full time and do school full time so it's about to be a little stressful. However, I'm really excited about my classes. I'm taking one on the history of language, one on teaching middle schoolers to read and the other is a diversity in the classroom class.
And then next week our life groups at church start up, so I'm pumped about that too!

But, with all the busyness comes time for a budget makeover! Oh yes, somehow in the midst of all the "going" we have to be saving money! Why?
Well, not only is it practical....but in one short year I will have to take about a year off from work to finish up school. And....since I make most of the money in our household (which is not a lot) we've got some major saving to do!

So what I'm really hoping is that I can start getting a few steady photo gigs and just throw that money into savings. And would you believe that, me of all people, didn't take a single photo on vacation! What is wrong with me????

So anyways, I'm psyched and ready for this semester to get off and running.
Maybe you should ask me again in a couple of weeks! ;)

Happy Monday!

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