Ahhh...the sweetness of accomplishment!

We crammed so much into our short little weekend! And it was great! I promise I have pictures of everything, but we're having a little trouble with internet speed (which is getting fixed today) so I should be able to post the pics tonight or tomorrow.
Ok, here it goes:
...hung out with friends on Friday night for an evening of breakfast for dinner and bowling.
...went to Chris's little bro's football game Saturday morning and got absolutely drenched! I'm talking not a single dry spot - mascara running down my face, wet undergarments, everything - SOAKED! But it was a fun adventure!
...pulled our house somewhat together. The kitchen is unpacked and the other boxes are in their respective rooms. Just got to put out my little decorative things and we should be set!
...went to dinner Saturday night with some friends to celebrate Chris's 28th b-day! ewww.....30 is drawing near! We ate at a Japanese restaurant that was super yummy and our waitress was soo funny! She barely spoke English and made us sing Happy Birthday 4 times! Of course the last time was with another waitress banging the gong! It was great! Then they took a picture of all of us together. Fun!
...had our regular Sunday morning festivities with a little added spice to start off the morning. Can't really talk about it, but just know that it was craziness!
...had dinner with my sweet girlies from Lacey's (we all worked our way through high school together at this small town drug store). It was a birthday celebration! We always have so much fun together! We've gone through all of our major life events together from prom to marriages, to deaths, to babies and engagements! I love those girls!!!

And of course Thursday night we had tons of fair festivities. So yes, I promise to have pictures of everything up by tomorrow!

After all of that, I'm pretty pooped and wishing I could go back to bed. But there's no time for that! After work there is school and after school there is dinner with the rents and after dinner is uploading pics! Ha!
I think my sleep deprivation is only worsening my baby fever - I can't think clearly! Or it could be that I've spent the weekend surrounded by the cutest babies ever. Is there a degree I can get that pays me to be a stay at home mom? If so, that's what I want to major in!

Happy Monday everyone!

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