Making a House a Home

I am beyond excited!!! For the first time in my life, I have a house that is becomming a home! Last night we did some major shopping - and of course we found great deals! We have a new tv, new slip covers, a new mail box, a new bed frame and new bedding! It's coming together!!! My goal this weekend:
Add the finishing touches and post pictures of it on the bloggy blog!
I am most excited about the craft room and making curtains for it! I seriously am overflowing with creative ideas and this creates a problem because I really have school work that I need to be doing!
Also yesterday, our washer and dryer was delivered and the security alarm was put in. Today the gas was turned on which means hot water finally! Chris put up the mail box, so now we can get mail. Bug man's coming Tuesday. The only thing left now is the fridge.
Oh yeah, I bought new dishes last night too!
By Monday I'll be ready for lots of parties at our place!

Really the only other big things to get are a patio set for the screened in porch, counter top, island for the kitchen, desk and book case. I'm hoping I can find some good stuff at yard sales and Craigslist. There's a major yard sale in two weeks if I can just hold out!

And let's not forget about the fair tonight! That's just happiness in itself!

It seems like for the first time in a REALLY LONG time, things are falling into place and going well....and it scares the crap out of me!

Happy Thursday Everyone!!!

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  1. Wow everything starts to look so put together! Good job :)