~Fall Is Here!!!~

I'm so excited! Today is the official first day of Fall - my absolute most favorite time of year!!! I love the clothes, the colors, the smell, the scenery, just everything! AND guess what else is in the FALL????? THE FAIR!!!!!!!!! Oh yes, it starts on Thursday and I'm so excited! I don't really ride anything, I just love the armosphere!

A few other fantabulous things about today:
Today Is:
*elephant appreciation day
*hobbit day
*ice cream cone birthday
*international day of radiant peace
(According to Holidays.net)

So my friends, have a fabulous Tuesday!


  1. Elephant appreciation day?
    I love elephants!

    We just had our fair a few weeks ago and I loved it.

  2. Are you going to the fair? I want to go. I have never been. if you go, when??

  3. Oooh jealous! I love fairs, both the rides and the foods :)