Well we are moved in. Well....actually all of our belongings have made it to the new house. And they've pretty much stayed in the boxes and middle of the floors! Sadly, I see no time in the near future to get started on any of it!
Saturday we moved in the rain. Umm, let's re-phrase that - my hubby and his friends moved in the rain. I supervised. ;) Saturday night Chris got on a roll and decided to hang all our blinds - about 11:30pm. I was so proud of him! See he's extremely unhandy, and these were the first blinds he's ever hung and he did it brilliantly! This week is going to be crazy. We're getting a security alarm installed today, bug man tomorrow, washer and dryer on Wednesday. Then we have to hang a door and buy a counter top. And on top of our schedules as is, we must unpack!
What I'm most excited about is that we actually were able to sleep last night. Saturday night (1st night in the new place) neither one of us slept at ALL. Want to know why? That would be because our cat was having some adjustment issues and howled all night long. It was horrible. But last night was much better.
Not sure if you've seen the weather but it's been raining for over a week here and today everything is flooded! That means for school tonight I get to walk across campus in the rain! I'm so excited! **Note Sarcasm**
I have taken the "before pics" of the new place and will post them soon.
Happy Monday!


  1. I'm praying that you have loads of energy! I know it takes a lot of that when you move and all the new stuff can be overwhelming! You can do it! YAY for the sleep- that's a starter!

  2. Class was cancelled at KSU!!!

    I cant wait to see pics!!