Hey Gang!

Ok, so I'm a loser for not getting house pics up yet. I'm really trying! You would not believe the ridiculous drama the internet has created and it makes me mad to think about so I'm not even going to go there. Just know I am diligently working on getting internet that works at our house! And then there's the issue of having the rooms put together so I can post a before and after picture of it! Right now the only complete room is the dining room.
In other exciting news - we got a fridge! Now I can finally have a home cooked meal. However that will not happen tonight.
Or tomorrow.
Here's to Thursday! But sadly, I will be home alone for dinner on Thursday and Friday, so maybe I'll make a real meal Saturday! We'll see.

Just know that I haven't forgotten about blog land and I will be back with more interesting posts soon!!!

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  1. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! You have such a beautiful blog!! I love your top pic, so pretty! Thats awesome you got a fridge, they are great to have:) Not having had it and now having it, the food will taste that much sweeter! Hope you get your internet fixed soon!!