What I Learned This Week

Good Monday morning! Well let me just say this was quite the interesting weekend!
Do you ever have those moments when something happens and the first thing you think of is how blog worthy it is?
Defintely had a moment like that on Saturday.
The bad part: I didn't take pictures of it! But in my defense, it was safer for everyone that I was focused on what was happening instead of taking pictures.
Curious yet?
Ok, well Jo-Lynne over at Musings of a Housewife has this weekly deal of "What I Learned This Week."

And I normally have a little trouble coming up with something to post for this. Not this week!

Well we moved about a month ago and the day of move-in we bought a new stove. We haven't had a refigerator until about the last week, so I haven't cooked on the stove yet. So Saturday after doing a little housework, Chris decides he wants to make a frozen pizza and goes to pre-heat the oven. Just a few minutes later I walk into the kitchen and the oven is on fire!!! Flames and smoke and all!!!
Apparently, when one buys a new stove, one should take the packaging out of the oven!!!
Now Chris being the person he is, he opens the oven and just stares at it for a minute. So of course I'm screaming and while we are trying to get the fire out we are arguing over who's fault it was! So typical of us.
My argument was that since he bought the stove and set it up he should have cleaned it out. Also, he should have looked before heating the oven.
His argument was that he "swore" I said the stove was ready to go and I had done all that. That conversation never happened! :)

Anyway, we managed to get the fire put out and then I spent the next hour and a half scraping the plastic wax off of the bottom of the oven. Exciting.
After all of that, Chris still wanted his pizza. So I let the oven heat for a while - hoping to burn off anything I had missed. And then, as I'm putting the pizza in, I burn myself pretty bad. I hit the top of the oven - so my hand and arm have burn lines. Nice.

So needless to say I learned quite a lot this weekend alone.

Happy Monday!


  1. hahah oh man....sorry for laughing. Are you ok? That is such a typical man thing to have happen

  2. I think this is just a typical "us" thing to happen!

  3. Bummer!
    Always typical...a man swears a conversation happened when it never did.
    Hope your arm is ok!

  4. Holy goodness! What a very valuable (if not painful and inconvenient) lesson to learn. Thank heavens no one was hurt, well, except your burn, but you know what I mean.