Who Knew?

Hello blogland! This week has been quite a week so far!
However, I think I have joined a cult.
The cult of wheat grass.
Ok, not really a cult, but this stuff has some crazy good benefits.
Did you know that a 1oz serving of wheat grass juice equals 2.5 pounds of green veggies???
I don't eat veggies. In fact, I don't think over 26 years, I've had a combined total of 2.5 pounds of veggies!
Now my first experience with wheat grass was Tuesday in a drink called Supergreen by Arden's Garden. It really wasn't bad.
So then I got a little over ambituous last night and bought straight wheat grass powder to make my own.
It smells.
It's icky.
Just not good to taste but apparently is so good for you!
Maybe I'll just have to get over the taste....and the look.
Check out these sights for more info on it:

And that is my helpful tip to society today.
Happy Thursday!

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