My First Date

So over at Giving Up on Perfect, Mary wants to know about first dates!
Mine was rather....um....interesting.
Yes, that's a good word, interesting.
Good ol' Andy Roach. I still wonder how he's doing. He was my 8th grade boyfriend. I think we broke up and got back together a total of 10 times before he wouldn't take me back anymore!
Ok, back to our first date.
We became an item the last day of school of 7th grade. That weekend, my best friend, her boy friend, me and Andy took a double date to the movies to see Jurasic Park: The Lost World. I will never ever forget it.
So it was awkward from the beginning.
We started out sitting up front. Michael started tickling Hayley and then Andy started tickling me. They took their shoes off, Andy had us take ours off. Then we moved to the back of the theater.
This can't be good.
So then there was a kissing scene in the movie.
Cue Michael and Hayley for a kiss.
Yep, you guessed it...Andy was coming in for the steal. I knew it was happening. So I covered my mouth.
He ripped my hand away, I turned my head and got a big sloppy drooly kiss on the cheek!!!
I remember asking "What are you doing??"
His reply "I want to kiss you. I was trying to kiss you."
So I put my hand back over my mouth.
There was no stopping him. He did it again, only this time hitting my mouth. I refused to open my mouth. So what happened?
His braces cut my lip open and I started bleeding.
I broke up with him the next day.
But like I said, we got back together another 9 or so times. AND no more awful moments like that!
However I must say, this is one of my favorite memories from middle school!

Happy Friday to all!


  1. OH, the awkwardness that only braces + middle school love can provide! GREAT!!

  2. Oh my goodness, your story cracks me up!! I can't believe that boy was so smooth! (insert eye rolling and "NOT" here!) Thanks for playing along!! :)