A New Project

Happy Monday Bloggers! Wow, I can't believe the weekend has come and gone already! For the most part it was a good/busy weekend. Friday we had dinner with some friends and an evening of watching Pawn Stars! Saturday I hung out with Leslie and her mom for a mani, lunch and the Mistletoe Market! Oh yes, Christmas is drawing near! It is my absolute most favorite time of year!!! I would put up a tree now if Chris would let me!!! The agreement is the weekend after Thanksgiving....just a little over a month! Then Chris and I went to his little brother's football game Saturday night. It was freezing!!! But they won, so it was worth it!

Ok, so I'm totally motivated (this week) about a new project. Heather has inspired me. Her inspiration comes from here.

Now unfortunately, my schedule doesn't allow for me to document every day...nor is it interesting enough to do so. HOWEVER, my anniversary with the hubs is coming up next month.
5 years!
So, what better a time to document the week of our anniversary?!?!?
I'm super excited about it!
I think I'll plan something for every day that week (I just decided to do this)!
You know, 5 is kind of a staple number for us (I just realized while writing this).
He told me he loved me on our 5th date.
We had a 5 month engagement.
Married 5 years.
So yes, a scrapbook of anniversary week is indeed what will happen!
I have less than a month to plan that week.
Any ideas?


  1. Make it a theme week! A theme around 5

    Yay for being your inspiration! And my life is not that interesting....im going to scrap chili and my suitcase today lol

  2. Oooooh happy early anniversary! What do you think you will get him?:)