What I Learned This Week

Hey gang! It's time for the weekly carnival hosted by Jo-Lynne.
This week's lesson learned is a bit more serious.
A little more...umm...spiritual I guess.
This week, I learned that I AM NOT IN CONTROL.
Huge problem for me.
See, I am a planner. I have always "thought" I was ok with following God's plan for my life and not my own.
That is until this week.
See, up until this point, I have always still been able to have a little control over everything. But like I said, that was up until this point.
God is laughing at me.
He thinks making me crazy is funny. :)
Currently, I have absolute no control over my life.
I seriously could have a total panic attack at any moment.
See, I have trust issues. More like trust of security issues.
And this lesson....well that means I have to trust.
And let go.

Letting go....sounds so freeing.
And it probably is. But for me, it is hard.
I have always let go portions of me....but God wants ALL of me.
Hmmm.....really.....ALL of me.

So at the moment, I know:
*I am powerless
*God is working, He's up to something big (but I have no idea what)
*I have to let go - "just let it happen" as Chris would say.

So here's to just letting it happen!


  1. I too struggle with letting go.

    We have to trust in HIM, but I like to organize and be in charge.

  2. There are so many things in my life that don't go according to the plan. MY plan. Letting go is important I just wish I dont have to feel so bad everytime I have to