Keepin' Up

Ok, so I joined this "campaign" to blog every day for the month of November. I've done well so far....until today. I'm having a bit of trouble finding something meaningful to blog about.

I mean I have things to blog about that I want to get off my chest......
....but I don't want today to be a sad blog. There's enough sadness....we.... no I, need more happiness.

So what is a blog worthy happy post?
Well I don't really have anything of substance, so I'll just ramble.

I've mentioned that it's anniversary week! The plans are in order and I'm so excited. This is the first time we've ever really done something for our anniversary!
A few months ago I won a free night's stay at the Marriott in Atlanta, so we're cashing in on it! Then Saturday morning we have a couples' spa appointment! I am so very excited about this!

I was supposed to be taking pictures every day this week to do a scrapblog of anniversary week=FAIL! It's now Wednesday and no pictures! I've just really got a lot going on and at the end of the day I don't feel like posing for a picture! ;)

Ok, I'm not going to waste any more time. Hopefully I'll do better at this tomorrow! :)


  1. sometimes when I have nothing to say I blog about an irritant seems to fill the space and make me feel a little better at the same time!