Do you realize that Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away????
Where has the year gone?
Have I mentioned that I hate T-Day food? I'm trying to get creative....I think I'll make my own T-Day dish to take to both families to eat from!
Especially since we're on the big diet!

Speaking of the diet, we're doing quite well. We started last Friday. Chris weighed in at the doctor on Monday and was down 3 pounds. That's exciting for 3 days! It's funny...we've become quite the calorie natzis. We're even finding it difficult to meet our caloric goal each day. Honestly I can say I am satisfied without a life full of carbs!
WHAT? Oh I never thought those words would come out of my mouth!!!
I usually live off bread. I'm down to one carb a day.

I also despise veggies....not by choice. I want to like them...I just don't.
BUT, the other night, for dinner, I had......
.....wait for it......
broccoli and carrots! Yes, that was my entire dinner - VEGETABLES!
I was so proud of myself.

Last night was a little more difficult. Chris had a grilled chicken salad for dinner which I had a few bites of, but nothing was satisfying me.
So, what did I have?
A few spoons full of mustard! It's free! And most delicious!
Actually, Chris was pretty grossed out by my solution. He said I was acting like a dude.
Oh well. He still loves me!

The main goal at hand is to find a way to make it through the Holidays sugar free!

Happy Thursday!


  1. wow Lauren, the mustard thing is a little scary! :) But good for you guys! Have you tried roasting your veggies? I love roasted zucchini, squash & peppers. Little olive oil, s/p, good to go! So proud of you guys for giving up the carbs, I will probably turn in to a sugar cookie this holiday season! Also, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

  2. Oh wow, no exceptions during the holiday? Sounds tough but I'm sure you guys can handle it and you're not alone in this. I'm sure it will be easier then :)