Sunday So Soon????

I tell ya, the weekends just go by too fast these days! Yesterday was quite a busy day! I had a photo gig of a 2 year old's birthday party! Let me just tell you, the people who work at those childrens jumpy play things are angels in disguise! I could NEVER work at one of those places. This particular party was at Kangazoom. I haven't started editing photos yet but as soon as I do I will post a few!
After the party, chris and I decided we needed a grill. Some of our fabulous friends got us a Lowe's gift card when we moved and it's been burning a hole in our pockets so we picked a grill. Chris has been working on it for an hour and a half and it's still not put together. Poor guy.
We both started this crazy new diet - it's all protein. I don't do protein so i'm adjusting. Two days into it I'm doing fine. I just need to keep motivated! The real problem is that there is a list on the program called "foods to avoid"---everything that I normally eat is on that list! What ever will I do? I will deal with it, that's what!
See I had a little reality check the other day. Back in April, at my yearly female doc appointment, my doc told me to spend the year focusing on weight loss. I have PCOS and it has caused some major metabolism problems and if I were to get pregnant now, the doc says I would probably go over 300lbs!!! That is NOT an option. So I've lost 10 pounds. But then it hit me....I go back to see her in 5 months!!!!!! Where did my year of weight loss go???? I always start out with good intentions but somehow 7 months has passed in a whirlwind! So needless to say we are on a mission! And not to worry....we have doctors supervision for this adventure!

Wow---not sure I got off on that tangent, but anyways it was a busy weekend! So I'm off to enjoy the rest if my Sunday and start this crazy routine all over tomorrow!

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  1. All protein? Make sure you exercise in there because eating nothing but protein isnt good for you without exercising. Plus youll get sick of the meats. Maybe you should train for something. Make a definite goal and then go for it. Then you wont feel like you are working out...you are training. You dont have to do anything crazy big, but something fun.