Happy New Year!

2010 I welcome you with open arms!!!
Now here's all the things promise to TRY and complete this new year:

* Improve my prayer life and quiet time.

* 30 days of homemade meals only. No restaurant food! I really want to try longer, but I think a realistic goal is to try 30 days and then see where it takes us. No Take Out

* Get healthy. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I'm not setting a weight loss goal, but rather a goal to become healthy and weight loss should happen as a result.

* Become a certified professional photographer.

* Join a few photography associations.

* Scrapbook all of my photos.

* De-clutter.

* Develop a new style. Reinventing myself of sorts.

I really think that's enough to start with. I don't want to overwhelm myself and then not accomplish anything. So I will be keeping tabs of my progress and I will gladly take any suggestions you have to be successful.

Happy New Year to all!!!

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  1. Happy new year, Lauren! Wishing you success in achieving all those resolutions :)