The Highlight of My Weekend

I had a photo shoot this weekend and this is my new favorite picture!
You can check out more of this cutie on my photo blog - Lauren Thomas Photography on the blogroll!

Moving right along, Saturday night was the perfect night for movies! Have you heard of the Red Box? It's this most fabulous movie rental machine where movies are only $1 a day. So we rented 3!
1. The Goods - ok this one was for Chris and I thought it was just awful! Don't waste your money.

2. Julie and Julia - possibly one of my new favs! So so good. Now I could be partial because a) I love cooking and b) i love blogging!

3. The Proposal - actually still watching this one, but I heard it's good. We'll see...

1 comment:

  1. Awww what's the name of the baby? So unbelievably cute. I wanna kiss those cheeks :)

    Anyhoo, the proposal is gooood! One of my favorite movies of the year :)