It's Monday - and I had the day off!

And what did I do with my day off? Nothing of any significance!
I think I almost had an anxiety attack because I had nothing to do!
I found that I don't know how to just "be".
However, I did manage to venture out and buy some new undies! Hallelujah!
My friend Heather has issues with buying bras in a timely manner - well I have the same problem with undies!
I realized that almost every pair I have I have literally worn holes in!
So, I got some fancy new knickers.
I'm a happy girl.
Is it sad that a few new undies makes me happy?

Anyway, I believe I have officially recuperated from Christmas.
Chris's aunt bought us movie tickets for Christmas and we used those Saturday. We saw "Did you hear about the Morgans?" with Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker. It was actually cute.
Then we rented 4 movies that night and watched them all! Let's see, we rented Year One (STUPID), Away We Go (good), My Sisters Keeper (so good, but nothing like the book. This caused anger.) and The Hangover (love it).
Fun times.

Then last night I had a photo shoot for a Nigerian woman's 80th birthday party. It was a surprise party and so much fun. This was my first Nigerian event and it wasn't at all what I had expected. They were truly lovely people!

We've got lots going on this week that I'll have to tell you about at a later time! ;)

As for now, I'm off to start reading The Shack. I've heard great things about it. I'll let you know asap!

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