A Great Read

Last night I finally finished reading Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin.

This was a great book! It's all about two best friends, Rachel and Darcy. Darcy is engaged and her bff Rachel is in love with Darcy's fiance. Oh yes, scandalous. BUT this book really makes you want Rachel to end up with the guy. Total chick lit, but so worth it! So what is next on my list?

None other than Something Blue!

Now this picks up where Something Borrowed ended, but is from Darcy's point of view as she is now preggers with another man's baby. I told you it was scandalous!
So the recap: you should definitely read these books!

Speaking of books, last year I read The Lovely Bones. So good. You should definitely check it out too. The movie for it just came out. Chris and I saw it Friday night and I thought it was really good. It actually followed the book pretty close and that made me happy. So you can add that to your list as well!

I'm enjoying a quiet lazy morning. Chris left early to go help out the tech booth at Winter Jam. It's a Christian music concert deal. Me and a couple of girlfriends are actually going to the concert tonight. Should be loads of fun. Check out the website here.
The line up includes: Third Day, Newsboys, NewSong, Tenth Avenue North, Fireflight, Sidewalk Prophets, Robert Pierre, Revive & Guest Speaker Tony Nolan.

Chris and I personally know a couple of these bands so it's super exciting.

I think I'm going to make myself some breakfast and cozy up with my book and read. Ahhh, just sounds so nice! I hope you all enjoy a lazy Sunday as well!

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  1. Told you they were good books ;-)

    Im glad to hear the movie follows the book. Im dying to go see it. We ended up seeing Avatar this weekend. Im not into that kind of stuff, but it was actually a pretty cool movie. The technology is crazy. You have to see that before it leaves theaters to get the full 3d effect