Life is Made of Circles

It's true friends. I have come to the realization that life is just a bunch of circles. Yesterday while pondering this thought, I thought about the circles in my own life. How we start at one point and work so hard to move up, yet it seems we always end up back at the starting point. Always.
So I decided to tell Chris my new found revelation.
He proceeds to be funny and says "Well babe, let's just take a right out of our apartment complex and see where it takes us."
Do you know where it takes us?
It's an interstate that is one BIG CIRCLE around Atlanta, therefore eventually bringing us back to our starting point.
I cracked up!
I would like my life to take a new shape.
Can't be a square, rectangle, triangle or circle.
Come to think of it, it can't be a shape.
I just need a never ending straight line.

That's my profound thought for the day. Happy Monday!

1 comment:

  1. I was gonna say, if its a shape, it will always go back to where you start. You need a line