And so another week begins...

Happy Monday! What a whirlwind of a weekend! I got pretty much absolutely nothing accomplished! Ha!
BUT I did have a good food weekend.
Now that may sound weird given my previous posts, but it was actually very good.
Friday night I made a healthy chicken enchilada casserole. Yum!
But the best part is that I did not do ANY emotional eating!!!
And trust me, I had lots of reasons to. It was almost like I was being tested to see if I really meant what I said about getting it all under control.

See, since my mom died almost 4 years ago, I've only dreamt about her once and it was such a sweet dream. Well Saturday morning I dreamed about her. But it was like I was in a room with her yet she was out of reach. Then I woke up hysterically crying. It was the strangest thing. So I woke up all upset and sad for the day. I've really been missing my mom a lot lately. I think a lot of it has to do with my photography business. See, I'm starting to book more weddings and I'm so excited about it. But it's like no one I tell has the response I want them to. And to be honest, I don't really know how I want them to respond. I guess it's just that she's the one I want to call. She's the one I want to be proud of me, so I'm having a real hard time dealing. But rest assured, I did not eat to deal with it this weekend! I was so proud!

Then one of my clients lost her job and found a family member to shoot her wedding, so I lost her. And oddly enough as I got the news we sat down to eat Mexican food. The ULTIMATE comfort food for me with all that oozy cheese!
I did NOT order anything with cheese - this is huge for me.
AND I sat on my hands so that I would not eat the chips and salsa. I tend to gorge myself a bit with chips and salsa - don't know when to stop.

So yes, it was a proud moment to be able to make it through a touchy weekend with no emotional eating! Even while watching the super bowl!

Speaking of the super bowl, how exciting was it for the Saints to win?!?!?! I was torn because, well, I just love Peyton Manning of the Colts. But I always try to root for the underdog, and the Saints have never been to the super bowl, so I think it was pretty exciting. The last few minutes were definitely pretty intense.

Well that's all for now friends. Have a happy day!

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