Oh Fatty, You're No Longer Needed

Well my earlier POST has forced me to write my letter.

Dear Fat One,
I am through with you.
You no longer have a hold on me.
You have only made my problems worse.
I don't hate you. I feel sorry for you.
But it's time for you to move on. I need to replace you with something else.
So instead of clamming up when things happen and instead of you making me eat to deal with my emotions, I will turn to something much more satisfying.
Maybe I'll work out instead.
Or maybe I'll pray or read my bible.
Either way, it won't be you.
See you don't realize it, but you are killing me.
You are stealing the joy that could be mine.
You are a huge block in the road of my dreams.
So yes, it is time to go our separate ways - never to meet again.
Our relationship is over.
Once you have left for good, I will pack up all your big girl belongings and send them back to you.
For once, I. Don't. Need. You.
Our time together has run its course.
So dear fat one, be free.
Move along.
Away from me.
Oh, yes you will tempt me to let you back in.
But I can't. I won't.
It may hurt. I may cry. But at least I will be dealing with it. At least I will be FEELING something.
I'm standing firm.
I'm ready.
I'm releasing you.
Please release me.

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