Heading West!

Ola Bloggers!
I hope your Wednesday is superfantastic so far!
I should be making my packing list but instead I am here, blogging.
Story of my life.

Anyway, we are heading out to Texas tomorrow to photograph and see this cute guy get married!

This picture really does no justice to just how cute he is. I can say that because he's my little brother, Shane! I'm so proud of him! Since my brothers live in Texas, I usually miss out on a lot. So I'm heading to his wedding and photographing AND meeting his fiance/bride for the first time! Her name is Raegan and she just sounds so darn cute! So come Monday, you will definitely be overloaded with wedding pics!

AND you'll never guess what else? This past Saturday, my sweet baby brother, Cody proposed to his girlfriend Christie!

Again, not the best picture to show all his cuteness. These were crazy pics we took Christmas a couple of years ago!
So he will be getting hitched in the fall. That means another trip to Texas! Could be a record! I'm a proud sister!

You know it's funny. Even though I don't get to see the cute little fellas that often, it's like we pick up where we left off when we all get together. I'm so excited to see everyone! I get to see my sweet big brother and his wife and the cutest little neice and nephew EVER! AND a trip to Texas wouldn't be complete without a little girl time with my favorite cuz Holli! We're having a slumber party!

So yes, back to that packing list. I've got to get my act together so I can make it out there!

AND I get to wear my new dress I told you about Monday! SO EXCITED!

Thanks for hanging out with my mushy post about the fam. Talk to you all on Monday!


  1. have fun!

    p.s if those photos didn't do them justice, i have one word for ya (and them):


    p.p.s happy getting married, LT's brothers :)

  2. they look so much alike too and they're all getting married, I'm so stoked for your family :) have a nice trip!