pArTiNg GiFt

Happy Thursday! So I'll be away for a few days (*gasp!*)and while I'll surely be going through blogging withdrawals, I'll have lots for you when I get back. Until then, I leave you with a portion of my latest project! Tour de Atlanta! :)

And on another note, I feel that I need to confess something.
My name is Lauren and I'm addicted to chapstick!
I absolutely cannot go through a checkout line without purchasing chapstick! I have a dresser top full of chapstick, plus a few tubes in my purse and at work! I feel that this could be getting out of control.
And that's it for my random thought of the day!


  1. Your pictures were amazing! You do such a great job

  2. Honestly, I keep chapsticks everywhere. Purse, other purses, cars :p flavored ones, please!