Show Us Your Life - Valentine's Day

Well friends, it's Friday and that means Show Us Your Life time over at Kelly's Korner.

Since everyone is all lovey dovey this weekend - it's all about Valentine's Day and your favorite one.

This will be my 6th Valentine's Day with Chris. Now for the past few years we really haven't done much. I'm not big on V-Day. I think it's over rated and that people should show they care more than just once a year. However, our first Valentine's Day was a special memory!
We had been married for 3 months and when I got home Chris had rose petals leading a trail through the house, wine and nice music. Oh and of course candles lit. I made us a nice steak dinner and all was lovely. That is until Chris thought he would be funny and blow all of the candles out at one. See, he had a line of tea light candles lit across our dresser. So when he stood at one end to blow them all out, he actually blew the wax all over the top of the dresser. I was not a happy gal.

But I'm most excited about this year!
Why, do you ask?
Well I am a sucker for cheesy things. Not like a balloon and teddy bear, but really really cheesy things. So this year we found out from our friends that the Waffle House is having a V-Day special candlelight dinner that you have to make reservations for! They are putting white table cloths, candles and taking your picture.
I LOVE IT! I think it's absolutely hilarious and definitely in the best interest of my blog! :) hehe.


Ahh, so yes, our reservation is at 9pm Sunday night. And you better believe that there will be pictures of this on the blog Monday morning!

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Oh, that sounds like a fab idea for a post! :) Thank you for visiting my blog! I would LOVE if you came back to tag along! Looking forward to getting to know you!

  2. Valentine's day and waffle desserts make me drool already. Perfect combo!:)