What Is Wrong With Me????

Friends, it is almost the middle of February!
It has been 43 days since the start of 2010 and I have not accomplished a single resolution!
Seriously, what is wrong with me????
Oh, and that photo project, picture-a-day thing I was starting=big time fail! Maybe I'll make it a monthly thing instead.
And let's not forget the water run/walk 6K that is 64 days away that I absolutely have not started training for!!!
I've got to get it together!

Now, in my defense, they are not all total failures. The no take out challege is still in process. While we haven't made it 30 days with no take out, we have gotten MUCH MUCH better about eating at home. On average, I eat lunch out once a week if that, and usually 1 dinner out per week. So all in all, compared to what it was, we're making great strides.

If only there were about 3 more hours in a day...

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