So Long Insecurity

Happy Thursday to all!
As I am going on this journey of redefining me, losing weight, and all that nitty gritty stuff, I came across a super cool thing.

One of the blogs I follow is Beth Moore. I LOVE her. She speaks such wisdom and truth into the lives of women everywhere. Her latest book is called So Long Insecurity. So it just made since for me to jump on the band wagon and read this book. I'm thinking it should definitely help me out, as insecurity has pretty much had a hold on my whole life!

I constantly compare myself to my friends, to strangers, to family members. I have always been wrapped up in what others think of me. Not necessarily in a snobbish way that I want others to think I have lots of stuff. Rather, I guess that others think I have it all together. That I'm not a failure.

I absolutely cannot wait to start reading this book. The cool thing that Beth Moore is doing is hosting a study through the book on her blog. I think it's a fabulous idea. So basically, each week you read the assigned chapters and then post responses to them in the comment section. Today is day one and I have to say, it's quite overwhelming reading the other comments and seeing how others struggle with the same stuff I do. There's ladies of all ages here!

I'm getting the book this weekend, and I can't wait to see how it changes me and I can't wait to share some of her insights with you all! I'm telling you, if you've never read anything by her, she's wonderful!

Please be sure to stay tuned!

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  1. wow, this is definitely a book i want to check out!