2 For 1

It's Friday!!!!!!! Happiness is here!
Today I am participating in two blog carnivals! I figured it would be just as easy to combine the two, so you're getting 2 for 1!

Alright, let's get started.
Today over at Kelly's Korner, the theme for Show Us Your Life is "Show Us Your Typical Day".
I don't think my days are all that riveting. But a typical day usually consists of me getting up, getting ready, fighting with Chris to wake up, and then heading to work. I work for an accounting firm in Atlanta. My job is to take care of the needs of our audit practice! Then I head home around 5pm, me and the hubs have dinner and then there is a super exciting combination of photo editing/reading/homework/blogging/chilling and then bedtime! Like I said, it's riveting. You know you want to be me. :)

Moving right along, we've got The Other Mama and her Friday Favorites! This one us all about your favorite thing for the week!
After thinking long and hard, my favorite thing for this week would have to be the burgers at FLIP. Now, if you live in Atlanta, YOU. MUST. TRY!!!
Oh my, it's sooo good! Like so good that words can't really explain it.
The chef is Richard Blais - he was on Top Chef Chicago (Bravo channel).
So good.
Melts in your mouth.
And don't even get me started on the Nutella chocolate milk shake.
Now after writing all that, I need one. Or two.
Yeah, this is really helping my weight issue!


  1. I just clicked over from Kelly's Korner! You have such a cute blog here!

  2. Hopped over from Hilary's! Love your pictures:)

  3. Puh-lease don't tell me there is such a thing as a Nutella milk shake? I think I'm in the car over to ATL as we speak!

  4. Nutella Milkshake?! Merciful Heavens! I need a trip to Atlanta!

  5. Visiting from Hillary's blog and I had Flip for the first time this week too. So good. I got the Krispy Kreme shake and my friend got the nutella one. The nutella one was so much better especially the burnt marshmallows on top. I prefer my Krispy Kremes "hot now".

  6. Hello? Why does this FLIP place not have a Kansas City location?? :)

    Also, I completely identify with your morning ritual of fighting your husband out of bed. We MAY do that here, too. Ahem.

  7. Nutella milkshake sounds SUPER YUMMY!:)

  8. I think you and I might possibly be kindred spirits. Just looking at your blog made me happy in da' heart!
    And don't underestimate the power of a morning routine that involves a night owl trying to pry their butt out of bed. We recognize that if it weren't for loving folks like you, we would never see the hours of 7am to noon! *giggle*