I Need Your Help

Yes bloggers, YOUR help is needed!
As you know, I own a photography business on the side.
I am trying to figure out some of the most effective ways to market my business in order to gain new business.
See, I'd like this to be full time one day.
SO, here's where you come in:
Could you please let me know ANY ideas you have?
What do/did/would you look for in a photographer?
How would I best convey that on my marketing materials?
What are some things you dislike(d)?

Here are a few things I currently have in the works:
*Bridal Shows
*Making brochures to hand out at local businesses (hair salons, pre-schools, churches, etc)

Other ways you could help:
Suggest me to your friends! Even though I live in GA, I'm willing to travel to nearby states (Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina)for regular sessions. And I'm definitely available for destination weddings!!!
I photograph everything that involves babies, families, weddings, engagements, senior portraits, maternity, etc., etc, etc!

This year is actually off to a great start! I can't wait for more sessions once Spring gets here - everything is so pretty then!

Ok, well thanks so much for helping a sista out!



  1. Ok here are my suggestions:

    Make a button for people (like myself) to put on a blog
    An ad on facebook
    An ad on other peoples blogs
    A booth at the bridal show (pick me to come help you!)
    Stalk people in the newspaper with their announcements
    Any photography shows coming up? You need a booth
    20something bloggers
    myspace (does anyone use that anymore?)
    Maybe find events that are coming up and see if they can use you

    Im racking my brain thinking of ways....ill get back to you with more

  2. Hi Lauren! I'm celebrating my 100th post this week at Faith Barista -- and I wanted to stop by and say thank you for the honor of having a place on your blogroll!

    As for marketing ideas --

    I met our fave family photographer at the hospital when my son was born. I don't know if your nearby hospitals have this program - but, she is one of the bunch of photographers the hospital contracted to take pictures of newborns. It was a service that was optional when my son was born.

    I also recommended her on mommy mailing lists -- one big one for our area -- of 5000 people. If you can find the parenting/mommy groups in your area - it's worth the advertising cost to just pay any membership -- sign up and tell people about your services (make sure they allow emails that you can share your biz info)

    I also used to run my own baby business & Google Ads did FAR better than in person trade shows -- because I had more foot traffic online than even in tradeshows. Seriuosly. For the cost, online google ads rocked.

    Also, last way I found photographers was through preschools. You can volunteer to waive the onsite fee and just charge parents who want to have their photos done. Preschool moms love this! and it gets your name out. and moms with little kids like me who don't have time to reserach for photogrphaers will love knowing you!

    Blessing to you business & keep dreaming -- even when it's hard.. ;)