Friday Cleaning Favorites

Hap Hap Happy Friday! Ahhh, so glad it's here! But there is no rest for the weary. Nuh uh.
I've got a super busy weekend ahead - tomorrow I'm shooting a wedding in Augusta. So that'll be about 14 hours of my day!
But so much fun!

Anyways, onto Friday Favorites and Show Us Your Life.!

Today's show us your life theme is cleaning tips. But first I must give you some favorites!
Here's my newfound favorite household cleaning products:

I love love love Clorox Greenworks. The whole line.

Not only is it good for our planet, it's MUCH better on your lungs! See, I have asthma and everytime I clean with anything that has bleach in it, my lungs hurt for days! Well this has a very light scent and it's a fresh one at that!

Here's some more green cleaners I just found out about and must try:

It's Martha Stewart's brand! Anything she does is fabulous, so I must try!!!

As for cleaning tips:

**I keep Clorox wipes in the bathroom and am attempting to train my husband to use them after he goes to the bathroom. He has his good days and bad days.
Apparently, according to him, the problem is that when he gets up in the mornings, he's still half asleep and can't concentrate on his aim.
Do you hear me Christopher? I'm calling you out!
I think most of the issues in our marriage could be taken care of if he would just sit down to pee.
Ah well! Just need him to use the wipes to clean the front/floor of the toilet!

**I always dust before vacuming. There's a process. If you dust first, then you're able to vacum up any dust that fell off your rag while dusting. It really works better this way.

There's nothing better than the smell of a clean house!

Speaking of, do any of you have suggestions for getting the smell of fried foods out of your house. I made chicken tenders last night and now our whole apartment smells like one! ICK!!!!


  1. LOL...good luck on training Christopher. If you figure it out, please share!

    I fry food outside, on the patio. Seriously. I take the electric skillet outside. Helps tremendously with the lingering fried smell in the house. Not too sure how this would work in the apartment, though...

  2. I use all the Clorox Greenworks stuff too! Great post, thinks for the tips!

    I love your blog, too cute!!

  3. Thank you for the comment. I love your blog, it is super cute! Have a great weekend and I hope tomorrow goes well. :)

  4. Cute! I never know any of these :D But I think my house uses clorox too. Have a great weekend!

  5. boil 1 cup of water and 1/2 c of white vinegar for about 10 min and it will remove odors in the house, pour it in your dishwasher to freshen up the dishwasher :)

  6. Bacon lingers forever too! Thanks for the tips! I hopped over from Hillary's!

  7. saw a huge display of the Martha Stewart cleaning line on sale at The Home Depot yesterday and thought of you. Hope you are doing well.

  8. You are hysterical for calling your hubs out online. Mine might kill me. :)
    And I think that your dust then vaccuum tip is awesome! Maybe I'll get to do either soon!
    For frying, I just fry foods I like the smell of and try not to burn them. Then I;m okay smelling like it for a day.
    My house and I smell like burgers today.

  9. I'm moving into a new apartment today and plan to make a trip to Target to stock up on cleaning supplies. Clorox Greenworks sounds awesome!