Good Things.

I love Martha Stewart.
Everytime she likes something she says "It's a good thing."
My mom loved Martha - she was part of our family.

That all has absolutely nothing to do with anything, other than the fact that I titled my blog good things.

Moving right along.

Yes, there are good things happening.
Chris is really gaining a lot of business through The Simple Beard. If you haven't clicked the beard on the sidebar, then you should do it. Especially if you know someone in need of a graphic artist.

Photography is going well. The wedding I did a couple weeks ago is my best photo session yet! Just fabulous! I'm not tooting my own horn, just super proud! I have soo many more to put up...patience please.

There will be scrapbooking this weekend. So.Excited!

There will also be a baby photo shoot this weekend that I'm stoked about! It's a sweet little baby named Shiloh. She was a premie and was in NICU for months. She's finally home and growing and it's picture time! In a tu-tu! I LOVE tu-tu babies!

Next weekend is a girls' spa day. My toes are so excited! They have been neglected since October!

AND THEN....dum dum dum.....there is New York next month.
See, my baby brother has decided it's time to get hitched to the cutest darn little redhead ever! And they are heading north for the big event.
Well, it's not really big...I mean literally there will be 5 people max there!
And who do you ask is the photog?
Why that would be me and I'm beyond excited!
We're going to take pictures all over the city.
It will be like a magazine shoot - a wedding couple in the subway, pier, central park, time square, etc......
Oh the possibilities! They're endless!
For realz.

Consider yourself officially caught up! I'm sure you really wanted to be updated. But now that you've read all the way through, you're updated whether you like it or not!

Have a happy day!

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  1. Toot that horn!!! Im so so glad its going so well. Im excited we get to catch up this weekend!