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Happy Tuesday!
Well here we are, almost in the month of May! The months are just flying by! And this realization urged me to take a look back at all my new year's goals for the year.

Let me just say, I have failed miserably!

* Improve my prayer life and quiet time. (FAIL)

* 30 days of homemade meals only. No restaurant food! I really want to try longer, but I think a realistic goal is to try 30 days and then see where it takes us. (I managed to get about 15 days in there, and I must say, it went really well and I lost a few pounds. The trouble comes when I run out of groceries in between paydays and it's just easier to grab something quick and cheap)

* Get healthy. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I'm not setting a weight loss goal, but rather a goal to become healthy and weight loss should happen as a result. (Umm, yeah - that would be a FAIL)

* Become a certified professional photographer. (Well I bought the study materials but haven't opened the book yet!)

* Join a few photography associations. (CHECK! Finally, I've got one!)

* Scrapbook all of my photos. (I AM making progress. Slowly but surely)

* De-clutter. (I'm not exactly sure what I was speaking of here. I think this situation may be a little better)

* Develop a new style. Reinventing myself of sorts. (Does painting my nails red count? This seemed a lot cooler when we thought we were moving to Oklahoma. I do want to pierce my nose though. Hmmm....we'll see where this goes)

Ok, so I realize that I have 7 more months to accomplish something. When I think back on some of my blogs, I really have set out, with good intentions, to change things and do things, yet at the end of the day, I'm really not getting anywhere.

Maybe it's just the busyness of life.

Either way, I definitely need to re-prioritize a few things.

How are you doing on all your new year's resolutions?

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  1. It seems like you are making progress to me. I love you don't even know what you were trying to convey with the declutter one. I am the same way. I would check that one off as a win!