It's Friday!

And that means it's time for all kinds of stuff!

Let's start with Beth's Friday Fives!
This week: 5 Snacks You Like
Alright, here we go!

One snack that I'm totally loving right now are these Cocoa Roasted Almonds! And only 100 calories!!! What I love about them, besides them being tasty, is that they are sooo filling! The perfect snack!

Snacky #2 that I'm chewin on is Goldfish. I always always always love Goldfish. There's just nothing better!

Moving right along, favorite snack #3 would be the fabulous fruit and nut trail mix granola bars. Love. Them
And Numero Cuatro is bread. Oh my, how I love bread. I could eat it any time of day. And I love, love, love it for a snack. I know, weird. But there's not a lot about my eating habits that aren't weird! Garlic bread (and dipping in A1 sauce) for snacking is my favorite. The good news is that I only do this if I'm at home and most of the time I am not at home when this urge overtakes me.
And finally, the #5 snack-a-roo is.......dill pickles! Now my love for pickles goes waaayyy back. I've always been a fan. My step-dad used to by these huge plastic containers of them from the Waffle House for me. I could never get enough. I took them in my lunch every day. I love the juice! There's a BBQ place that we love that has the most wonderful pickles ever! Just typing this makes me need some right now!!!

So mozy on over to Beth's blog and join in on the fun!

I'll join in on a few other carnivals shortly!

Happy Friday!!!


  1. Those cocoa almonds are awesome! Yummy!

  2. I love almonds but I've never seen the 100 calorie packs! Time for a visit to Wal-mart! :)