Could It Be?

Something good happening?

To me?????

It seems like it's true.

But in my true insecure fashion, I'll tell ya all about it once it does actually happen.

Which should be around the first of June.

And no, it's not baby talk.

(But could help pave the way for babies!)

Like my little riddle yet?

I'll be back on the blogging train soon. This week is just a bit hectic and emotional.
I've got major projects for school, pictures to get finished and delivered, mother's day is coming up and that's just plain sad, and to top it all off, I'm really just exhausted!

AND THEN...my brain is on creativity overload and I have all these great projects I want to start but no time or place to start them.....or store the finished product.

So in the mean time, I'd really like to update my pages on this blog (at the top) with recipes and crafts/projects, etc. But again, there's this "time" thing.

And let's not forget my trip to New York coming up next weekend! I. Am. So. Excited!!!
My baby brother's getting hitched! He's eloping and wants ME to be there! Well actually, I'm pretty sure he's just using me for my camera, but I'm ok with that! So rest assured, there will be a ton of pics posted from that little trip!

And somewhere among all this, I desperately need to plan a little get away for me and the hubs. I'm thinking Savannah.

So please don't take my post as a bunch of complaining, because it's all really exciting, just really busy. Have a fabulous Wednesday, and hopefully I'll have a much more interesting blog in the next couple of days!

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