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While I am enjoying the Big City, I had to leave you with my Friday Fives. Join in the fun on Beth's Blog by clicking HERE!

The Topic: 5 Favorite Pictures
Preface: Well, as a photographer, this was an extremely difficult task!!! So, I tried to pick pictures that were not done at any of my professional shoots. I chose a few that had a little meaning for me.
Here we go!

1) Me and my mom - I'm pretty sure this is the last picture we have together before she passed away. It's one of my absolute favorites. This was at a Christmas party the month after Chris and I got married.

2) Last year for Christmas, I did family photos of Chris' siblings for his mom. There were absolutely no recent pictures of everyone together. This is one of my favorites of just the kids. I didn't realize it at the time, but they are in order. Nate's the youngest, then Maddie, then Chris. I just love it!

3) So my friend Heather and I were on our way to an arts festival a couple of years ago and on the side of the expressway were these beautiful wild flowers. Poppies I believe. So us being the crazies we are, pulled over and had a field day taking pics of them. Absolutely love this one.

4) Chris and I love taking random drives. A few years ago after leaving a football game in Athens, we decided to ride around the town. We ended up in the middle of nowhere. And randomly, in the middle of one of the fields was this chimney. I just loved it! So Chris, being the good man he is, pulled over and let me snap away!

5) Last but not least; a couple of months back my aunt and I spent the day in Atlanta taking pictures. It was such a beautiful and fun day! This picture was taken at the Tulle-Smith House. It's an old farm house open for ours. This particular picture was taken in the slaves quarters. I can't put my finger on just why I love this one so much, but I DO!

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