Today's My Friday!

Y'all! I am soooooooooo excited!

Because tomorrow I will be livin' it up in New York!

My baby bro's getting married and yours truly is the trusted photographer for the weekend!

Can. Not. Wait!

We're going to a Yankee's game tomorrow night, then wedding and pictures all day Saturday, and then time to come home Sunday.

Ah yes, it's a short trip, but I am stoked!

I laid in the bed for hours last night just thinking about the different pictures I wanted to take!
I'm so lame!

And I have just realized the annoying over-usage of exclamation points. (I really just wanted to put one there).

Maybe I have a problem.

Anywho, please be prepared for lots-o-pictures in the following few days.

Did I mention I was excited?

Now on to planning for a real vacay. The hubs and I are desperately in need of a chair on a sunny beach! We're thinking maybe a trip to Savannah next month just might do the trick.

I love, love, love Savannah. There's so much history and mystery there (Ha - I just made a rhyme). Anyways, amazing city.

AND - Paula Deen lives there.

I love me some Paual Deen!

All this beach talk is making be want to go right now!

Well I hope you all have a most wonderful weekend!!! I know I will! ;)


  1. Have a great time and congratulations to your brother. I bet you'll photograph lots of sceneries as well, right? Share some pictures of them please :p