Decor Update

Hi friends! Ok, so I'm hoping you've checked out my last post and have a ton of decorating ideas you could offer. I need all the help I can get.
This weekend I did buy the perfect end table to go in between my couches. LOVE it! And got it for $42! Solid wood! Yay!
I also bought a white fluffy rug for the seating area, but it was too small, so I'm going to exchange it for the larger one. After my shopping trip with Heather, I do have a few more ideas for the sitting area. So, it's coming along, very slowly, but we are making progress.
AND I'm almost finished scrubbing the floor! I can barely move my arm today, but I can't express to you the difference it has made so far!
Well that's all for now. I'm sure once I'm a bit more awake I will have something of substance to blog! Until then - have a Happy Monday!

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  1. Scrubbing ANYTHING is my least favorite job. Haha. But I guess my room is in seriously need of cleaning right now. Not looking forward to it :/