House Tales

So as most of you know, we just recently moved into a new home.
New to us.
Old home.
By the way, we love it!
So, last week I blogged about how I was spending the weekend prettying up my reading area so I could have quality quiet times.
In fact I did not touch the area.
I began my journey in the office. Our office is where we have the millions of things that have yet to be unpacked.
I was feeling the need for it all to be unpacked.
So I sat in the floor and emptied all the boxes around me. Basically just sitting everything out of the boxes right back onto the floor.
I'm a winner.
I took a few things here and there to try and spruce up the living room.
You know, try to make it look like someone actually lived there.
It was at this point the hubs asked "I thought you weren't putting that back out."
Simple statement right?
I went back to my pile of things and sat in the middle trying to decide where to put all the stuff.
I may or may not have sat in the middle of the floor having a complete hysterical crying breakdown.
Over the decor of my house.
That's right.
I cried about decorating.
For no real reason.
It was all my stuff - none of my mom's.
Nothing I was emotionally tied to.
I then went into the sob story of "This is all we have" or "What do you want me to do?"
Blah, blah, blah.
I think Chris may have gone into shock at my hysterics.
Maybe I just needed a good cry.
Nevertheless, it wore me out, so for the next 6 hours, I did not leave the couch.
Got hooked on a show called Jerseylicious.
So my Saturday, the one day that was supposed to be productive, turned into a big poop.
BUT, last night I did get some new candles for the living room.
AND I cooked dinner for the first time in the house.
Really, it's lovely. I love this place!
And yes, two posts in one day. I'm an over achiever, what can I say?


  1. Oh noo..you cried? Sometimes a good cry leaves me feeling better though, I hope that's the case with you. *hug*

    Congrats on moving to a new home:)

  2. SEND PICTURES!!! Maybe the blogosphere can help

  3. I need a quiet space too - for reading, writing, photography ... I get so stressed when I don't have one!! It really helps me relax.

    I'm facing not-quite-as-difficult but kinda similar stuff. I left all of my stuff (decorating) that is - in Australia - and now that I'm home - I do have old things but I have less space and it's so hard to dig through the boxes and ... yeah ... it's hard to start over or to restart - BLAH!!! I have days turn into big poops too.

    Good luck!! xoxo