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What up blog lovers!
So, remember my post on china and how I'd love a random rich family member to buy me the whole set? Well I've found something else I'd like to add to the list.
I would like the entire red Paula Deen kitchen line.
L.O.V.E. It!
I decided to go with red in the kitchen.
This decision came about for two reasons:
1.) I won some free kitchen towels from Pampered Chef that just so happened to be red.
2.) I fell in love with the whisk from Paula Deen's kitchen collection. It's stainless steel but the actual whisk part is red silicone. Ahhhh. Love.

It's not actually red.
More like cranberry.
My heart is happy.

In my previous post I shared a few pics from an engagement session I did this weekend. The quality is a little icky - don't judge. At this point it's too much trouble to repost the corrected photos. However, this little gem below could be my new favoritest photo!
Enjoy your Tuesday!

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