OMG, Wallpaper, Bieber, Bugs, etc., etc., etc.

Well hello there my blogging peeps! I hope you had a most fabulous long weekend!
Our weekend was quite filled. Like burstin' out the seems filled.
And that gives me soooo much to share with you!
I think it's best that I do this in list form.
  • I had 3 photo shoots this weekend. So. Much. Fun. Two cute little girls Saturday morning (pics to come), a wedding Saturday afternoon, and an engagement session Sunday morning. Fabulousness.
  • The e-session Sunday was about an hour away from where I live - so I listened to Billy Bush's top 40 countdown. I am now up to date on all the hip music.
  • Do you have Bieber Fever? No worries, I don't. I'm just amazed that the kid has like 4 songs on the Top 40 list right now. I heard all of them Sunday.
  • Have you heard the song OMG by Usher and Will.i.am? I think I love it. I don't want to, but I do (it's kind of cheesy). "Whoa Oh Whoa Oh, Whoa Oh Whoa Oh"
  • We pretty much performed an exorcism on the house we're about to move into this week. It's Chris' g-ma's house, and well she's like 84 and can't really see what's dirty or really physically clean it the way it needs to be cleaned. We literally overhauled the house. Not finished yet but we are making progress. We cleaned walls, baseboards, pulled up carpet, and........tore down wall paper. Can I just say that removing wallpaper is PURE HELL! I am convinced that there are people in hell right now perpetually removing wall paper glue. OMG! But, it is finished. The painters are coming this week to pretty the place up.
  • Along that same note, there was a dog that was in this house for a while. And well, since the only floor with carpet is the bathroom (why would you put carpet in the bathroom?) it's a bit infested with fleas. To the point that my mother in-law went to potty and was attacked by at least 20 of them. No worries tho, we sprayed the crap out of that room with some Hot Shot. And the bug man is coming today to get rid of them once and for all!
  • And, as I know this may be TMI, it is my special time of the month. And you know what is amazing? I went through this whole weekend being nice! Well except for a slight breakdown around 11:45 pm last night. I was tired, irritable, things weren't going my way, and I had a little screaming/crying issue. But all is well with the world for now.
  • AND I apologized for my disturbing meltdown behavior. That is big in itself.
  • Also, because I know you're still stuck on the carpet in the bathroom thing, we're pulling it up.
  • It's going to be soooo cute when we're done. I am so sorry I did not take pictures of the awful sunflower wallpaper before removing. I would have liked to looked back on that one day! :)
  • Oh yes, and how did I miss Phil Wickham? I just discovered his music this weekend and I'm shocked as to how his stuff has not made it to my ears before now! I bought his album Canons. So. Very. Good.

So now it's Tuesday, and somehow I have to manage to work, deliver 4 photo projects, pack my apartment, and move by Friday. Oh dear!

100 (meaningless) points to whoever can name the movie that the phrase "etcetera, etcetera, etcetera" is from! It's one of my all time favorites!

Alright my friends, have a super-dee-duper Tuesday!

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  1. I don't know the movie :( Nice list! Congrats on being nice even though Auntie Flo was visiting! :)