So. Awesome. For Realz!

I'm loving this vacay I just took because I've only had to work 2 days this week!
So that brings me to Friday - which is......Friday Fives!

First, read my junk below.
Second, head on over to Beth's blog and check out her junk! :)

The topic for today....Top 5 Wishlist.
This is totally something I can do!

1. An all inclusive trip to the beach/honeymoon. Yep, 6 years later, still no honeymoon. AND in all our travels, we've always stayed super cheap, so I would like a luxury hotel room please. And massages. And relaxation. And, and, and....you name it, I'll take it!

2. Jillian Michaels. I love her. And I would love for her to come get in my face and yell at me. Help me find out what I'm really holding onto with all this weight. Scream some more and get me into shape!

3. Italy. Ahhhh, I've always dreamt of going here. One day. One day.

4. Now I would just love love love a shopping spree for camera equipment and props! You have no idea how that would just make my heart flutter!

5. And finally on our wish list trip today, I present you with - a baby. Oh yes, I'm reaching that point in my life where this is the all consuming want! However, my body is refusing to cooperate at the moment. Yet another reason Jillian needs to come visit. I don't need ALL the odds against me!


  1. I want Jillian Michaels too!! When your donw ith her send her my way!!
    Great list! Thanks for doing my Friday Fives!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Can I please borrow Jillian Michaels too?