Start Spreading the News......

.....I want to be a part of it, New York, New York!

We're home! NYC was fabulous!
Well at least for me.

Remember how this was Chris's first trip to NYC?
And did I tell you what a total whine bag he was when I went back in May because he had not yet seen the big city?

Well he finally saw it.
And got sick.
Really sick.
He literally puked all over the city.
Yep, left part of him there.
Sad times.

We had purchased an all around town tour on one of the double decker buses.
It was really quite the deal! For $49, we got 5 tours! Uptown, Downtown, Brooklyn, Night Tour, and a Boat Tour around the Hudson River.
So I enjoyed myself and well, Chris just sat on the bus and drooled on himself! :)
Poor thing.
I don't think he wants to go back.
He's a little jaded now.

Needless to say, I took a ton of pictures! 440 to be exact. I have since narrowed it down to about 335. So I'm still working through them all and once I have a few done, I'll post them!
My favorite picture out of all of them was a light at Grand Central Station.
Is that sad?
A light!

As for me, the food was great!
Ever heard of Junior's Cheesecake?
By far the most amazing thing my mouth has ever encountered!

So now we're home and back at work.
Our busy lives continue!
No worries, there will definitely be more to come!

Stay tuned....

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