Please Drive Responsibly...

....because when you don't and you're not paying attention, you just might cause a wreck. And you just might walk away with little to no damage.
But the car you hit will have lots to deal with over the next days, weeks, etc all because YOU were not paying attention.
And then that person you hit just might have a nervous breakdown because her car won't start as a result of the wreck, and she might not have any other mode of transportation because just maybe she and her husband only have one car!
Didn't think of that did you?

And that my friends is what I'm dealing with today. Saturday stupid person hits me, screws my car, and here it is Tuesday and I still have no answers as to how to take the next step.

Oh and to top it off, the police report isn't ready because.....the officer took the day off and didn't turn in his stuff from the weekend!


That is all.

P.S. - I am the person she hit just in case you didn't get that :)

1 comment:

  1. Oh NO!!!! I am so sorry, Hon! I know how bad this stinks. My daughters were in a wreck last spring, caused by an inattentive person who ran through a stop sign and t-boned their car. The days after of dealing with insurance, police reports, more insurance, doctor visits, investigations and more insurance were such a headache.

    Praying for peace and a quick resolution for you and Husband!