Hi friends! Let me just say, this week has been crazy! We've been slammed with everything and I feel all outta whack! And.....there are no signs if anything slowing down for at least a couple more weeks!

My company just acquired another firm so we're going through the merging process......that means lots and lots of busyness for me! And that's just my day job! I come home to homework an photo work! I'm pooped!

It's all good tho. Not that I've had much alone time, but somehow I've done lots of life thinking! And I've decided lots needs to change. It's my once a year life evaluation that usually involves a good bit of tears, whining, pouting and then a boost of "go get 'em" attitude to try and fix it all. At which point I usually make a blog post about all that I intend to do, but as history shows, I will never do.

That being said, I am choosing not to tell you all the changes I am planning! Instead I will just tell you about them as they come along and actually happen. Maybe this technique will work a little better for me.

And that my friends is my heart on this fine Wednesday! Enjoy your day!

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  1. I totally get that whole share with the world all the exciting things going on in your head that you intend to do and then watch as none of them work out - I learned not to long ago to be excited with my hubby and share as things "happened" as well. I hope it works out as well for you as it has for me! =]