Survival Mode

As you know, I've given up sugar.
Yesterday was day 1 and went relatively well.
Today, though. Today, there is the withdrawal headache.
And for some reason, it is ALL I think about!
Seriously, I just might go lick some Splenda packets.

If I can make it through girls night out, I should be good.

Also, could this crash from lack of sugar explain why I passed out on the couch at 7:3o last night, not to wake up until 6:30 this morning???? I didn't even get to watch Too Fat For 15!!!

This is gonna be a long week.

And thanks so much for supportive comments. Angela Pea, I loved your insight - especially on the habit thing. Only 25 more days to go til this issue is no longer an issue!


  1. Can you eat Truvia? Or however its spelled? Its LIKE splenda....I have had it on toast once and hated it, but i had it in a homemade smoothie and loved it.

  2. Hey Chickie!
    Yeppers - you're experiencing the sugar crash. Just go with it and schedule extra sleep time.

    I'm speaking from experience. I found out four years ago I have diabetes, and quit sugar cold turkey. (Goal was to control the big D with diet and exercise.) No Pepsi. No sweets. No cake/cookie/pie/crackers. No processed anything. It was hard. I was miserable for a few weeks. My family was miserable for a few weeks because I was so grouchy. But then, THEN! I started feeling better. I had more energy! I felt like I did when I was a Kid, way back in the olden days!

    So - be tough. When you're crashing, remind yourself that's the sugar circus moving out of town, and that you're glad it's leaving!