You Know What Friday Is.....

Friday Fives time! And be sure to go show Beth some blog love!

Today we're sharing our favorite websites! Yay!

I've got lots of goodies in store for you - new addictions!

Let's go!

Ok, I love me some NY Post Pop-Wrap Gossip! I check this often - you know it keeps me in the loop!

Next, we've gotta mention Facebook! I mean seriously, I have to check this every day. I like knowing what everyone's up to!

We can't have a list without my dear Blogger! I'm addicted to the blogs I follow!

Now this list would not be good at all if I did not include The Pioneer Woman! I envy everything in her life!

THEN there's The Hostess With The Mostess - totally makes my heart flutter. Everything on this site makes me want to throw parties every day!

Why stop at 5? I'm gonna keep going!

I love all things Martha Stewart!

And I truly love all things Food Network!!!

And at the risk of sounding like a total conceited witch, I love my own website. It's not because it's my stuff - it's just a reminder of a dream that's coming true!

Please, please, please share some of your favorites! I'm always looking for something new!


  1. Some great websites! I love all things Martha too, she's pretty great!

  2. OK well then I just added 3 of your websites to my favorites! I am also crying because I forgot to put my beloved Pioneer Woman on my list, what was I thinking!!Thanks for doing the Friday Fives this week!! Have a great Friday!