Yes, my friends, I am happy to report that I made it an entire 7 days without a single piece of sugar!
Now, it wasn't exactly the nicest week I've had, but I made it! AND just by cutting it all out I lost 3 pounds! Yippee!

So I've decided that each week I will cut something else out. While still keeping up with no sugar, this week I am cutting out all fried foods. Now I very rarely cook fried foods at home. But that's the key....at home. When we go out I get fries with everything. Or chicken tenders.
Sooo....absolutely no fried foods this week!

And next week I'll be cutting down on carbs - not out completely. Can't do that!

So I'm feeling great about all these new changes. About a month ago we got a gym membership but that's just not working for my schedule. So instead, we're making an adjustment and bought an exercise bike. It's right in our living room so I can multi-task while pedaling! I think this is going to make a world of difference!

And that's enough on my weight issues!

Now for a little weekend recap.
Um let's see....oh I know! I had a full on total meltdown in the mall parking lot Friday night!
Yep, that's me - full of random meltdowns.

The culprit: Life's pressures that I put on myself.

I'm so ridiculously concerned with not being a failure - and deep down I know I' not, but sometimes I can't help but feel that way. I mean what's wrong with me that I can't finish school in a timely manner? I just got overwhelmed with the lack of accomplishment (as i see it) in my life and totally fell apart. It just feels like a big confusing circle I'm running in.
Poor Chris.
Sometimes I wonder what goes through his mind when I have these moments.
Like "What was I thinking marrying this mess!"
Oh well, he's stuck with me now!

And to make everything all better, i got a new outfit! Haha!


  1. A week without sugar?! You go girl! That is amazing in my book :)

  2. No fried food is GOOD. You'll feel better for sure!

    As for carbs, cut down on your refined carbs, like white bread, processed flour, white rice, pasta and such. Make sure you're eating plenty of complex carbs with lots of fiber, like whole grain bread, brown and wild rice, beans and legumes, fruits and veggies. Your body NEEDS carbs for fuel!

    Great job on week one!

  3. Great job ditching the sugar! I dearly love it, but it's great to hear that someone has the willpower to break the habit! I ditched fried foods and that really works wonders, too. Good luck! :)

  4. Congrats! I have tried to do 7 days of no sugar and have failed EVERY SINGLE TIME!

    Mini meltdowns are no fun - but school and the journey through school is such a personal experience that there is no way to "fail" at it. You're living your life - AND going to school - seems pretty impressive to me. :) xo