Happy Weekend

I must say, this weekend was much needed for my sanity.
I haven't really liked life too much lately and I was so excited to accomplish a weekend that made me love it!

It all started Saturday when the hubs and I took a little day trip through the North Georgia mountains. We litterally drove from west to east covering the whole top of the state. Absolutely gorgeous! The best part was the AMAZING weather - so of course we had the windows rolled down and the music blasting! Just fabulous! I have a few pics that I'll upload tonight.

Sunday we had we church and then met some friends for lunch and games at Dave & Busters. Love my friends something fierce!

And yesterday was low key - we rearranged the living room a bit, did a little yard work, and grilled out with the in-laws. All in all very relaxing (and refreshing not to look at a computer screen)!

But now it's back to the daily grind. Good news is there's only 4 days to work this week.

And guess who's birthday is less than a week away?

That'd be me!

And that is all for this edition of pointless blogging.

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